The Hear Central Travel Digital Sound Conditioner

The Hear Central Travel Digital Sound Conditioner
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    Compact size tinnitus sound generator, good for home and on-the-go use.  8gb of total; 3.5 open space for additional down-loads. 1yr warrenty, high capacity rechargable battery with USB cord and AC wall Adapter.  27 therapeutic tracks contains tracks made by Dr. Jeffery Thompson.


    -Tinnitus masker

    -Use anywhere

    -Light weight

    -Easy to use

    12 Natural Sounds
    1.) Crickets
    2.) Summer Nights
    3.) Light Rain
    4.) Gentle Ocean
    5.) Coastal Sunset
    6.) Lake Shore
    7.) Evening Waves
    8.) Rain Forest
    9.) Forest Brook
    10.) Georgia Backwoods
    11.) Campfire
    12.)Cave Drops

    8 Sleep Inducing Songs
    13.) Thera 2K - 8K
    14.) Thera 2.1K - 10K
    15.) Thera 2.5K - 5K
    16.) Soma17.) Relax
    18.) Sleep
    19.) Barrier Reef 
    20.) Rising Dawn

    4 Combinations
    21.) Sleepy Strings w/Gentle Ocean
    22.) Relax w/ Autumn Breeze
    23.) Soma w/ Calm Sailing
    24.) Sweet Dreams w/ Evening Loons

    3 Noises
    25.) Brown Noise
    26.) Pink Noise
    27.) White Noise

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