Hearing Loss

What is Hearing Loss?

Indications of Hearing Loss:

  • Most people you talk to seem to mumble.
  • People around you tell you that you talk too loud.
  • Others tell you that the TV or radio is too loud.
  • You don't hear the sounds you used to.

If you can identify with any of the above, please talk to your family doctor or an audiologist about a hearing test.

  • How to talk to someone with a hearing loss:
  • Talk clearly.
  • Slow down your speech, but don't talk to them like a child.
  • Don't cover your mouth when speaking to a hard-of-hearing person.
  • When you talk, project your voice but don't shout.
  • Look at the hard-of-hearing person when speaking to them.

How to communicate with someone who is deaf:

If you wish to talk to someone who is deaf, the easiest way is to use a trained interpreter. If an interpreter is not available, here are a few ideas:

  • Some people who become deaf later in life can read lips. Try talking to the person distinctly - look at the person and don't cover your mouth when speaking to them.
  • You can try writing down your message with a pencil and paper and relaying back and forth with the deaf person.
  • If a TTY (teletypewriter) is available, you can try typing back and forth.

For more information on communication or hearing loss for deaf and hard-of-hearing persons, refer to our Links section for organizations that assist special needs.