Sound Therapy Sleep System 2

Sound Therapy Sleep System 2
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    Turn your own pillow into a therapy pillow.  Combines our Pillow Speakers with our Speaker Pocket Pillow Cover to ensure that your speakers stay in position underneath the pillow, giving you the consistent sound quality to help fall asleep or manage your Tinnitus.  Also includes our Compact travel sound conditioner with 27 different tracks we have developed and refined over the years. Refining some by adding subtle but effective undertones.  Others by adapting and altering, based on input from users and audiologists alike.  


    • Listen throughout the night without disturbing your significant other 
    • Removable speakers make it hand or machine washable
    • In-line volume control for easy volume adjustment
    • 27 soothing, high-quality two-hour tracks of sounds, music, and combinations.
    • Small, portable, and easy to use
    • Continuous play through the night
    • Comes with an AC adapter and a high-capacity rechargeable battery